Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gradient mani: Take 2!

I think gradients are a new obsession of mine. I don't think I'm going to be able to stop doing them until I figure out how to do it really really well. I got paint all over my cuticles. Bah.

Photos are clickable.

This one isn't clickable. It was my 365 photo for my personal blog yesterday, and I thought I'd include it.

Yellow: L.A. Colors Live
Orange: Confetti Papa-razzi
Red: All Heart

What kind of brush is the best for cleanup? I've never cleaned up my nails and the way I post them is the way I paint them, but I'd like to start making things look a little cleaner.


  1. Looks awesome! The last picture from your blog really shows it off!

  2. I use a "round" Filbert brush used in painting. It's a good shape and size for the job. Oh, and straight acetone is the only way to go. I really like this gradient - WTG!

  3. Would it be an idea to use something like Vaseline on your cuticles, before painting? Then it'll come off easy maybe.. This reminds of a cocktail, or a sunset!