Sunday, December 5, 2010

CQ - All Heart vs. Crimson Pearl

For someone who doesn't really like reds or pinks, I sure do have a lot of them. I don't want to end up with a ridiculous collection of polishes I will never use. Even with my collection as small as it is currently, I thought I needed to downsize. I really don't care to have reds or pinks at all unless there is something particularly special about them.

CQ All Heart is a warm toned red with gold shimmer in the bottle that does not translate at all to the nail.

CQ Crimson Pearl is a deeper red in the bottle. It didn't photograph very true to life in any of the bottle shots I took.

Index and ring fingers show All Heart. You can see how the gold shimmer doesn't show up even a little on the nail. It's definitely a warmer red than Crimson Pearl, but not really anything you can't find in any other brand. The formula was quite runny but it dried reasonably quickly.

Middle and pinky fingers show Crimson Pearl. This one looks a lot darker in the bottle in real life, and almost identical to All Heart on the nail. It has a more pink shine to it in the sun, though. The formula was similar to that of All Heart.

Overall I'm not impressed with either of these shades. The formulas weren't horrible, but the colors don't wow me. I will probably keep them both for now in case I end up needing a red for something (frankens, perhaps?) but they will eventually be replaced.

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