Sunday, November 28, 2010

China Glaze - Snow (+ franken top coat)

Natural light.

Snow is white. It doesn't seem to lean towards yellow or blue tint or any sort of different type of white, it's just white. I found this polish to be quite thick and it was pretty streaky for the first two coats. These pictures show Snow with three coats and no top coat. This is my first white polish so I'm not sure if streakiness is normal for this color.

Failed attempt at a shot in the shade.

Overall I like Snow. If you're looking for a pure white polish, this might be the one for you.

I live in New England, and my favorite part of actual snow is the sparkle. I wanted to try adding a top coat I've been working on to see how it would look with a white base.

Natural light.

Full sun.

I had a bunch of super sparse glitter top coats and I was not a fan of how they applied, so I spent 100 years fishing out glitter and putting it all into one bottle of clear. These photos show one coat of this stuff, so you can see how much glitter is in here. Some of the smaller ones are semi-transparent (is there a name for these?), which looks really nice in real life but translated to photos as weird pastel pieces.


I'm not a fan of how this photographed in the closeup, but I LOVE it in real life. I will be trying this top coat over other colors later to see if it looks better in photos.


  1. Even thought you said you don't like how the close-up photographed, I think it's awesome! But then again, polish ALWAYS seems to looks better in real life. Cameras just take away the color or the effect of certain polishes. Anyway, very nice franken top coat!


  2. Thanks! It looks decent in the pictures, but it's not the level of awesome it has in real life. I hate when polishes are a disappointment in photos.

  3. That top coat looks just awesome! Very beautiful sparkle!

  4. That close-up totally makes the top coat look like an amped up China Glaze's Snow Globe. :) Very pretty!