Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sally Hansen - Rockstar Pink

I have not painted my fingernails in almost two years. The last time I did, I thought you were just supposed to slap it on. I'd get it all over my fingers and it would look like I let a four year old paint them until I jumped in the shower and the paint came off of my skin. This was my first attempt to paint my nails without making a gigantic mess. I think it turned out pretty well!

This is how it looks in natural light on a beautiful day!

I love this polish. It was really easy to put on and only needed two coats to be totally opaque. This was the fastest drying polish I've ever used. I don't know all the descriptions for polish types yet, but I know this one has a TON of glitter. There's blue, red, purple, and some teeny tiny gold flecks in here. It's pretty in the sun and inside.

See how pretty this glitter is?

I'm not sure how the wear is because I just put it on last night. A lot of the reviews I read online say that some girls' bottles of Rockstar Pink were goopy and thick. Mine was this way right when I opened it, but after rolling it between my hands for a little bit (read: maybe a minute) it was fine. I did have to roll it a few times during application, but I don't mind doing that when the end result it shiny glittery goodness. Another common complaint was removal, but I think all glitters are a pain to remove.

ETA (11/14): This is a first. I have used glitter polishes many times throughout my 23 years, and I HAVE NEVER HAD A POLISH JUST REFUSE TO COME OFF BEFORE. I spent over 30 minutes trying to get this stuff off after I got a big chip on my thumb, and it wouldn't remove. It took almost an hour of constant rubbing with a cotton ball and remover to get my nails clean, and I'm still covered in glitter 12 hours later.

Pretty color, not worth the removal time. :(


  1. I have nail polish remover pads, and they work really well to take off regular polish. I don't know how well they might work to quickly remove glitter kinds, though. It's a little rougher material than a cotton ball, so it might be worth trying.

  2. It wasn't the cotton ball, it was the polish. It didn't tear the cotton to pieces or anything. The stuff just WOULD NOT COME OFF.

  3. Girl, it's alll in the technique.
    What you wanna do is get yourself a cotton ball or two. Rip them into ten nail size pieces, dip them in pure 100% acetone, and then lay them upon your nails. At this point, most people cover their nails with tin foil. I just leave them out in the open and then rewet my nails with acetone every few seconds.
    Anyway, five minutes later, you firmly slide the cotton ball off your nail in a smooth motion, and it takes off all the glitter with it. Then, you can just go back and remove the stray pieces. Easy peasy.

    What happens is that every piece of glitter is like a little iron plate, protecting the clear base beneath it. That base is why it keeps on sticking. But if you do it this way, the remover has a chance to soak through and beneath the glitter bits to dissolve the base underneath it.

    I hope that helped!

  4. Thank you so much! I really loved this polish and was heartbroken when it took so long to remove. I still have a lot to learn.

  5. I've always scrubbed excess polish off my fingers in the shower! It's my preferred method of clean-up, lol. My roommate has that Sally Hansen polish and she wore it to show me how glittery it was (and boy, was it ever). I also saw how long it took her to remove the dang thing. Love the polish, but I am staying far, far away from it!

  6. This polish reminds me a lot of O.P.I's "Show It and Glow It!". "Show It and Glow It!" is a mostly purple glitter polish with gold, green, and silver glitter. And it dried SUPER Fast. As for removal, I usually just end up peeling off the polish and then using remover to take off the remaining pieces. :)