Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

I spent some time today doing a bit of research on the best way to try to tame my cuticles. It seems that most people believe clipping them is not the answer, but to use a cuticle remover and hydrate everything with some sort of product (oil, cream, etc.) I own a cuticle cutter that I bought to use before my wedding, but no remover. When my husband and I ran out to the store tonight I figured I would pick up a remover that had decent reviews.

I didn't exactly follow the directions perfectly. The bottle says to leave the product on for 15 seconds, gently push back cuticles and wash your hands with warm water and soap. When I read up on this product I found many people leave it on much longer than directed (some up to 5 minutes). My cuticles were in really rough shape, so I decided to leave it on around 2 minutes. I've had chemical burn incidents in the past with Sally Hansen products and was unsure of how my skin might react to prolonged exposure, but long ago and far away I tried this product and I remember 15 seconds doing nothing for me.

I pushed back my cuticles with a cuticle pusher while keeping an eye on the clock to make sure I didn't leave the product on any longer than I felt comfortable. When I washed my hands and pushed the cuticles back again, they were a bit better. The really rough bits that were cemented to my nail actually pushed away. It softened the rest of the cuticle. This product didn't work any miracles, unfortunately. It didn't remove anything. Soften? Sure. Remove? Nope. I had such huge flappy cuticles that I had to clip a few of them. I know this is frowned upon, but seriously, it was pretty gross.

My hands look a little better after this, but not as good as I was expecting. I'm pretty bummed out that this wasn't some magic potion that would fix everything in one go. I guess I'll have to keep looking for a HG cuticle remover.

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