Sunday, November 21, 2010

NYC - Park Ave

Park Ave is a grey/taupe. It is opaque in two coats (though I used three for pictures) and dries AMAZINGLY fast.

Natural light.

The brush was one of the widest brushes I've ever used. It made application a breeze. They've done a lot of upgrading with this brand since I bought 119A. The Park Ave bottle says "quick dry", and it really is. Each coat dried in way less than a minute and subsequent coats went on like butter.

Natural light.

I really like this polish. It's a bit darker on the nail than in the bottle, but it's still a really pretty color. It seems to have a little bit of a purple undertone going on, which is interesting. I don't know how unique this color is (probably not very) but I'd still recommend it. I'd be anxious to try the other colors in this line, since I love the formula so much, but the other colors I saw in the display left a lot to be desired.

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