Friday, November 26, 2010

Complete with irrelevant photos!

I'm sorry that I haven't updated in a few days. Thanksgiving was crazy (including TWO fires at my mom's house) and today was even crazier. We went out for Black Friday and my 7 month old daughter in her gigantic stroller made it interesting. I will be back to posting reviews and photos tomorrow!

My husband recently bought me five China Glaze polishes through Megan's blog sale over at A Polish Problem. I have never gotten anything from the internet so quickly and packed so nicely! Everyone should take a look at her sale. She's a joy to buy from and her blog is fantastic, too.

Since I have no polish photos to post, here is a cat.

ANYWAY! I'm now the proud owner of Dorothy Who?, For Audrey, Snow, Goin' My Way?, and Blue Island Iced Tea. I'm totally and completely in love with every single China Glaze polish I have. I will be posting photos and reviews on each of these over the coming days, even though they're well-reviewed and you've probably all read about them already. I'm just so excited!

Oh, look! Another cat.

I have four new to me Del Sol polishes, as well. My mom had them in a drawer and gave them to me because she never uses them. One of them is FANTASTIC. I will be posting about these soon, as well.

I sure hope you all like cats.

I hope everyone in America had a fantastic holiday, and that everyone as a whole has a great weekend. I know not everyone likes cats, but I have six of them (yeah, I know...) and I don't post photos of my baby on the internet, so the cats are the only available post decorations I have at the moment. You'll be hearing from me again tomorrow, with more relevant photos.


  1. hehehe the lastkitty has a raccoon tail! squee

  2. Pretty kittehs!! Congrats on all your China Glaze purchases. I wouldn't know what to do if my hubs ever bought me nail polish. L OL

  3. I luff kittywittums, and what a lovely hubby you have that buys you polish. Can't wait to see.

  4. Ahhhh fat fluffy kittehs! And how lovely is your husband.