Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green franken

Bubbly? Thick? Streaky? Yep. Do I care? Not really. I think the shade is kind of nice. This has about 6 different polishes in it and half of them are so old the label has worn off. If I could find a way to fix the bubbles and thickness issues, this might be an alright franken.

In the end it will probably end up in a priority mail box to Texas like the rest of my frankens, since I really don't want to keep any polishes that I can live without. My sister in law is slowly getting into polish (I like to think I have something to do with that) and I'm planning to send a few down to her. She told me that she has picked up a bunch of new polishes for me recently, so I'll be posting about those once I have them in hand. Hooray for polish mail, and hooray for Colleen!


  1. What a great color!! It looks delicate and spring-y even though you say it's thick. Have you tried to add a couple drops of thinner?

  2. I actually have quite a few polishes that could probably benefit from thinner, but I don't own any yet. The closest beauty supply store is nearly an hour from me and I'm not a big fan of driving that far without my husband. My baby likes to cry for "Mama" from the back seat and I'd rather just sit back there with her and not get my heart broken. XD

    I'm glad you like the color! I thought it was pretty spring-y, myself.