Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revlon - Opulent Pink

I bought Revlon Opulent Pink in May of 2009 to use on my toes for my wedding (I didn't end up using it, though.) I totally forgot about it because it was wrapped in a bunch of paper towels in a sandwich bag under my sink. I never unpacked the makeup bag from the wedding, apparently. That just shows you how often I get done up.

I'm not a pink person. I have no idea why I ended up picking this shade. I'm sure there were plenty of colors in whatever store I bought this from that were more "me". The formula is good (2 coats for opacity) and there is nothing really bad about Opulent Pink, the color just doesn't speak to me.

Are there any colors that just don't work for you?


  1. Perhaps this color isn't exactly "one of a kind", but I still like it. I've been getting into Revlon polishes more and more lately, and I like this pink. It's a GOOD PINK. And 2 coats is good coverage. I think I only have one pink in my entire collection. LOL. I always go for the more out-of-the-ordinary colors, but I still think it's nice to have a classic pink, just in case. :D

    And I can't think of any colors that just don't work for me. Sometimes a color doesn't look as nice on me than other people because the color doesn't go with my skin tone, but other than that, I usually MAKE a color work for me. Lol. The more I wear a color, the more I like it, and it will grow on me. Happens EVERY single time~


  2. It's not that it isn't the most unique color out there, I'm just not really into pink! I will be keeping this bottle around because the formula is decent and I know my daughter will be all over it once she's old enough for nail polish.

    For pink lovers (or likers?) this is definitely a good choice.

  3. Yeah I see what you mean. The color isn't bad but it's nothing special. To me there's so many different nail polishes out there why be stuck wearing one that's just so-so.

    I'm not really into pink either. =P I do have Revlon Bubble Gum (scented) that I got for free thanks to a CVS coupon and it's so cute on toes (especially with white polka dots -my pedi right now).

  4. I think it's quite cute and the epitome of a bridal color, though I can see why it wouldn't like...set your soul on fire or anything.

    And I am laughing so hard at it being in some paper towels in a sandwich bag under your sink. Ahahaha omg! Such random packaging.

  5. I did what I could since I bought it while in Florida the day before my cruise ship wedding. I didn't have a whole lot of access to quality packing material and I wasn't about to let nail polish explode all over my luggage. ;)