Sunday, January 23, 2011

Revlon - Silver and Galaxy Top Coat

My husband went to get an oil change (the first one in almost a and while he was waiting he went into a random discount store in a nearby strip mall. He gave me a call to let me know how long he'd be there, and of course I asked him to check for polish. They had a bunch of these Revlon polishes with coordinating top coats for $1 each. I told him to grab whatever colors looked interesting, and he came home with Silver, Rcok (which I will be posting about later), and Galaxy.

Silver is a grey creme. It's actually my first grey polish and I'm pretty excited about that. I used two coats and it looked fine in real life, but the photos make it look riddled with bald spots. Silver is definitely a three-coater for photos.

The formula was pretty watery, but workable.

And then there was Galaxy. This top coat looked really nice in the bottle, and reviews I read about it while waiting impatiently for my husband to get home (yeah, I do that) said that it had blue and silver micro glitter and large hexagonal holographic glitter. Galaxy's collection-mate was a plain black polish, but I figured I could throw it on top of Silver and see how it looked.

These two just do not mesh, in my opinion. It looks like I shook pepper over wet polish.

Blue glitter? No. It's black. It's black and nothing about the weird peppery little dots glitters. I'm not sure why they're even there. I'll try Galaxy over a black polish and see if it does anything ~magical~, but over Silver it is definitely not anything special.


  1. This is a beautiful combo!
    Your husband did a good job!

  2. I love the gray polish you. It really suites you!

  3. Great combo, I love glitter topcoats :>

  4. oooh, I like this very much. I'm not a glitter person but that gray creme looks amazing

  5. What a nice husband!

    I like Galaxy best over a dark-ish blue (like Orly La Playa) so the pepper effect isn't so pronounced.