Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wet n Wild - Gray's Anatomy

I have to be honest. Gray's Anatomy didn't speak to me at first. I saw swatches on a few other blogs and read about how it is a supposed dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Wicked Game. While I really love the look of a lot of Lippmann polishes, Wicked Game never thrilled me and in turn I was quite meh about Gray's Anatomy. Then I saw it in person...

These photos show two coats (no base/top coat) in natural light. It really could have benefited from one or two more coats, but I kind of liked it a bit sheer. I plan on trying Gray's Anatomy as a layering polish at some point.

Sometimes this polish is a silvery grey, sometimes it's green, sometimes purple, and sometimes all three. And the way it looks in the bottle really makes me want to try a few more coats and see what full opacity will bring to the table.



  1. This one is so pretty!! I get what they're trying to do with the names, but come on! LOL I haven't seen any of these around NM yet (we seem to be a month or two behind all the cool things). I wonder how this would look layered over a taupe or a dusty purple?

  2. I think some of the names are funny in a trying-too-hard kind of way.

    I think I have one polish that counts as a purpley taupey kind of shade. I'd be happy to layer them and make a post about it if you'd like?

  3. I'm a new follower!!

    I love duochromes. GA looks lovely on you. Your pictures are really great! :D

    I like to see it layered over a purple :)