Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hard Candy - Sky

Let me preface this post by saying that Sky broke my heart. I read that it can be difficult to apply and can be quite thin and sheer. I bought it expecting this. I can deal with thin and I can deal with sheer. My bottle was a gigantic goopy mess. The problem might be fixable with thinner, but I don't own any right now. The color didn't really work on me, anyway. These photos show ONE coat.

I always aim to put coats of polish on my nails thinly. There was no such thing as a thin coat with this stuff. It was as if I'd had this bottle sitting in a drawer for 15 years and tried to put it on without shaking it. As it was drying (which really didn't take very long for such a thick substance) bubbles popped up everywhere and thin bits of polish oozed out around the bottom of my nails. It was pretty gross and weird. On top of all of that, the pretty blue shimmer in the bottle did not translate to the nail at all.

I think I got a mutant bottle. :(


  1. Its a great color on you and I HATE when I get a goopy bottle....however, the frankener in me wonders if you don't have thinner if you could thin it with a clear polish (they're almost always naturally "thin") and make it into a light blue jelly? I don't know of any light blue jelly's? Hmmmm, now you've given me an idea. Thank you! :)

  2. I thought it gave me slight lobster hands, personally.

    Glad to be here to inspire!